Paint stripping – Part 2

With the woodwork fixed in place, stripping the paint from the window casings and doorways had to be done inside.

The job gets a lot easier, with wood and trim work that is not attached. My preferred way is to strip these pieces outside on saw horses. Holding the Silent Paint Remover in the same position makes the heating more predictable, and having a horizontal work surface at a convenient height helps with endurance.

Of course, the challenge with working outside is that the neighborhood kids stop by to see what I’m doing, which usually results in me playing in the yard with them and the dog.

I was able to strip the paint off these five windowsills in just a few hours. The messier pieces will require one coat of SOY Gel to remove that last residue and get a nice finish.

I look forward to reinstall these original gorgeous pieces.

3 thoughts on “Paint stripping – Part 2

  1. We’ve also found that working on saw horses is much easier, due to the predictable heating results and easier working angle. Scott did a bunch of window frames *in place* this summer, and it was much tougher going.

  2. Interesting slide show of paint removal…. but goes much too fast for these eyes, was interested in seeing the heat removal gizmo.

    In another vein, it is VERY good for neighborhood kids to see someone working on their house. not many work with what they have, etc.

  3. Mimi, there is another picture and info on the silent paint remover in the following post:
    Linoleum Tile Must Go

    Also, you can click on the silent paint remover link in the Paint stripping – Part 2 post, which takes you right to the product page with much more information.

    Last but not least, you can right click anywhere in the animation and select play. That will freeze the animation. To restart it, right click and select play again.

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