Paint stripping – Part 4

All the salvaged oak trim we purchased at The ReBuilding Exchange had paint on it. Actually, it was less paint but more lacquer. Still, it all needed stripping down to the original oak.

After a couple of quick tests, Cathy determined that the SOY Gel quickly and easily removes most of the lacquer.

To remove any residue and the stain, the palm sander with a 80 followed by a 120 grit sand paper became handy again.

Within one weekend, Cathy had cleaned up the entire batch of salvaged trim.

No, this is only part of it; there was more, much more. I tell you, she was moving fast!

Now it was up to me to keep up with her.  I needed to find a way to use the salvaged trim to extend the original trim all the way to the new wall depth.

About Marcus de la fleur

Marcus is a Registered Landscape Architect with a horticultural degree from the School of Horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Sheffield, UK. He developed a landscape based sustainable pilot project at 168 Elm Ave. in 2002, and has expanded his skill set to building science. Starting in 2009, Marcus applied the newly acquired expertise to the deep energy retrofit of his 100+ year old home in Chicago.

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