Bathroom ceiling framing

Things you take apart require putting together again. This circular process keeps following me on this project.

The framing configuration of the roof and attic towards the south end of the building left me with a spatial challenge. In order to have enough room to get the roof or attic insulated and air sealed, I had to remove the original 2nd floor ceiling joists. You can read up details in a previous post and follow the ceiling joist removal here.

Now, that the roof is insulated and air sealed, it’s time to look overhead, more so than ahead, and bring back the ceiling framing.

We started with the bathroom. Because we have a fairly short span across the room, two by fours were sufficient for the ceiling framing. The original room height was ten feet. We lowered it to nine feet and six inches. That gave us the space we needed for the insulation and the future ventilation duct work.

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Marcus is a Registered Landscape Architect with a horticultural degree from the School of Horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Sheffield, UK. He developed a landscape based sustainable pilot project at 168 Elm Ave. in 2002, and has expanded his skill set to building science. Starting in 2009, Marcus applied the newly acquired expertise to the deep energy retrofit of his 100+ year old home in Chicago.

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