2nd floor ceiling drywall

Let’s switch gears from bathroom topics to drywall.

A while back, we completed the last framing tasks on the 2nd floor unit. That was followed by the installation of the various utilities such as the DWV system, the 2nd floor plumbing, including the on demand hot water pump, the ventilation system, and most recently the electrical metallic tubing (EMT) installation.

In short, we were ready to put up drywall, starting with the ceiling.

What was different this time round, if compared to the basement and 1st floor unit, was that we didn’t have to deal with sound management issues. Because there is no other apartment above the 2nd floor, and the ceiling joists of the 2nd floor are independent from the roof joists, there was no need to address impact transmission controls, i.e. furring strips and sound clips.

What has remained the same is my appreciation for a drywall lift. I used it the first time in the basement unit, and again on the 1st floor. This bulky gadget makes a ceiling installation feel like a cake walk!

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