Finishing shelves and assembly preps

After I had the shelves planed and sanded, it was time to mill them to their final size to fit into each of the shelf compartments.

The last of the finishing touches was the lacquering of the shelves. As usual, we had our indoor air quality (IAQ) in mind and used a water-based, VOC-free product.

To mount the shelves, I opted for a pilaster and clip system. It was the least obtrusive option, not taking away or distracting from the wood, and offered maximum flexibility in terms of adjusting the shelf height.

It was then time to move everything into the library room in preparation for the final assembly.

There is always the unnerving moment when you get to test if what you have measured fits with what you have built. In my case it was the question if the shelf base would fit as planned.

If it does, the rest of the shelf system would fit right into place. And thank goodness, the base did fit.

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