Linoleum Tile Must Go – Part II

After tackling the tiles in the upstairs kitchen (see also 08/25/2009 post), I decided that the next room on the chopping block was the upstairs dining room.  It amuses me that someone got the bright idea to stick parquet-patterned linoleum tile on the hardwood floor.  I mean, if you’re going to put linoleum on wood, why wood-patterned linoleum?


There was no way these tiles were coming off the floor without some help.  I used the Silent Paint Remover as I did with the tiles in the kitchen (see also 08/25/2009 post).


This was a relatively quick job – less than two hours for the whole dining room.  The tool worked more quickly with just one thin layer to go through and none of the sticky and stubborn asphalt based adhesive.

We’ll need to take care of the adhesive that’s still on the floor, but we’ll deal with that another day.

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