Pilot Project Rationales

An interest in green options and lifestyle choices that reduce our environmental footprint is emerging. This emergence is somewhat diluted by ignorance towards our environmental problems and a level of skepticism. Both are rooted in a general knowledge gap and lack of examples that offer relevant solutions and can serve as a model.

Have you, for instance, ever read publications, magazines and news articles that feature green designs, such as for single family homes? Most of such featured buildings are new construction, many of them catering to the high-end or luxury market. I think it is fair to say that such examples are currently untenable for most buyers or home owners. Furthermore, they have relatively little to offer to owners of existing buildings. The existing building stock is massive and consumes large amounts of energy just by keeping the buildings running. Think of the significant impact that the existing stock has on our environment and the corresponding potential for sustainable improvements!

Cathy and I would like to help dissipate the lingering ignorance, resolve the skepticism and narrow that knowledge gap. We develop a pilot project at 3141 W. 15th Street that caters to the thousands of existing homeowners who are interested in green upgrades to their buildings and yards… upgrades that provide excellent opportunities to make the home more economic to run, own, and live in, and that provide a healthier living environment and reduce our environmental footprint.

We had a very positive experience with our first pilot project at 168 Elm Ave. in Elmhurst, which focused on sustainable landscape solutions. Encouraged by that success and the growing interest, we would like to develop a more holistic pilot project at 3141 W. 15th Street that looks at both the building and the site. The project will not only provide environmentally and economically sound examples, but also introduce and demonstrate regenerative solutions to our environment and community.

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